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LOMUARREDI: https://blog.lomuarredi.com/

Blog.Lomuarredi was born with the idea to offer readers a small online library of the most luxury and exclusive furniture : charts, news, suggestions, tips, and guides on home, office design and furniture for the  living room, the bedroom, the dining room and the kitchen.

The home is the mirror of one’s personality and clearly represents a style and a way of life. Don’t you have clear ideas about the style of your home and want a detailed guide to the new brands of furniture, materials, fabrics and colors that make trendy? You’re in the right place: read our articles and you’ll find a lot of information, ideas and proposals on design products that will dictate the law in the coming years.

HYGGE DESIGN: https://hyggedesign.blog/

Passionate about furnishings and interior design, in particular about Hygge, a new concept of well-being and happiness which expresses its best qualities in creating comfortable and intime interiors. We offer interior design services in partnership with a furniture company Lomuarredi Ltd specialized in furnishing trading since 1999, and with a team of expert architects in order to satisfy all customer’s needs and to give the best service ever. In our website shop it is possible to find and buy the most HYGGE and coziest home decor furniture in the market!  We do not sell counterfeit, forged or substandard products. We’re committed in supporting original design. Everything we sell is authentic and bears the maker’s mark. 

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